Quantitative Finance Dissertation Topics: 10 Great Suggestions

Quantitative finance is not a course for everyone. As a matter of fact, only some of the best students get to be successful in this course. It is difficult from many points of view and even if you are an expert in math or talented in literature, this does not mean that you will succeed in this. To create your dissertation on this subject can be a real challenge, and you will need months of hard work to accomplish this. However, it can be done. The most important element is the topic, so here are some suggestions:

  1. Using algorithms to facilitate voting. As you already know, many countries use an electronic system of voting to make sure that everything is correct and accurate. They use many mathematic algorithms to make sure that everything is perfect.
  2. The risk of bank loans. How many people read that tiny writing before signing a contract with the bank? That is why they reach in the position of not being able to pay their duties. The bank is using formulas that will increase their payment rate every month.
  3. Stocks. For sure many of your colleagues heard about people gaining or losing millions of dollars in the stocks. However, not many know how this system really works and why is it so popular. Explain the entire concept, what are the secrets, how someone can start an investment and so on.
  4. Life insurance. Many companies have great offers that can protect you and your family. You pay a small amount of money every month and if something bad happens, you will receive a considerable amount of money. Sure enough, there has to be a very interesting system behind all this that allows them to pay such big amounts of money. Explain this in your thesis and bring clear examples to help everyone understand.
  5. Pension calculation. Very often we discover that people who worked all their life have a very small pension. The government is using complicated formulas to establish how much money someone should receive after they get retired. Is there any way to be sure that you will have a steady income even after you stop working? Offer a few valid solutions, and don’t forget to include the private pension in the subject. This can be very useful for your classmates, and your professors will appreciate the effort.

Proofread and check

And the last thing you should do, is proofread the paper and check for mistakes. Make sure to give it to someone who will read it and tell his or her opinion. It’s a great way for you to recognize the mistakes and to correct the parts that are not so good. You can also run a spell check. This is very important in order to avoid a bad grade because of those tiny details. Try to proofread the paper several times.
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